Festival Makeup in Melbourne

Achieve a look that Coachella would be proud of with a specialised Festival Makeup with Kiara.


Whether you’re going to Groovin’ The Moo, Fringe Festival, FOMO, Laneway Festival, or any others, Kiara can create a makeup look that suits you and the festival you’ll be attending.


Using your inspiration and goal, Kiara will create a look that will be long-lasting, bold and, most of all, one that’s tailored for you. For those who believe less is more, she can create a more traditional makeup look that features elements of glitter, without feeling overdone. For those going for a more outrageous style, Kiara can use a range of theatrical techniques to create something bold.


Festival Makeup


Expect contouring, creative eye looks and glitter when it comes to the statement festival look. Kiara also uses false eyelashes to add the perfect finishing touch. They vary from soft and natural to more daring styles, perfect for pulling together your entire makeup look and enhancing your eyes.


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